“Charlene Lamb ... with responsibility for all internal and external communications. She made an immediate impact, displaying her professionalism and extensive experience in communications, marketing, advertising and journalism.

... Charlene was appointed Country Communications Manager and sat on the Country Executive Committee. Her dynamic and committed leadership of her department created good visibility for Lafarge South Africa and enhanced the image of the company. Her handling of the repositioning of the Lafarge brand in South Africa during 2013, Wellness strategy and several internal communications programmes were highly
successful. Charlene is dedicated to passing on her knowledge to her subordinates and voluntarily assumes a valuable mentorship role, while demanding high standards of professionalism from her staff.”

Thierry Legrand, Country CEO Lafarge South Africa (2009-2014)

... “I write to congratulate you on the new-look newsletter, whose colourful design is attractive and the glossy cover layout impressive.
... Once again, congratulations on a job well done and we look forward to reading the next issue.”

Barbara Masekela, Ambassador South African Embassy in Washington DC, USA

... “In her role as Communications Manager, she oversaw the department’s internal and external communications, advertising and marketing: as well as developing mutually symbiotic relationships with external vendors, including Communications, Advertising and PR agencies. Ms Lamb worked on the Communications Strategy and the Communications Operational Plan of the company and ensured it was implemented effectively in both internal and external markets. She always kept her eye on the bigger picture: putting procedures into place to ensure an effective rollout strategy. To this end, she developed good relationships with the media, hosting Press Conferences to ensure a positive image of the company was projected and new technologies and projects were published. She was also instrumental in revamping our marketing materials to reflect a professional, compelling and impactful impression. Ms Lamb also put procedures in place to improve internal communications by mentoring and empowering her support staff, with whom she has enjoyed very good relationships.

... Ms Lamb is a visionary, forward thinking and solutionorientated individual who believes in the development and empowerment of people; something she took very seriously.

... She is a hard working, loyal employee, often going the extra mile to complete projects.. She is morally upright and her integrity is beyond approach, often speaking her mind in a forthright, yet diplomatic manner. She is reliable and dependable and enjoys a challenge.”

Salani Sithole, Group Manager - Marketing and Business Development SSI

... “Ms Avis had overall responsibility for the Marketing and Public Relations divisions of the firm. She wrote and implemented the marketing and public relations strategies and activities; initiated, compiled content and disseminated the firm’s electronic newsletter monthly; wrote legal articles for both magazine and web publications; wrote press releases and worked with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). She ensured press coverage was obtained in appropriate target publications according to the message of the release and its audience. She was also responsible for point-of-sale materials, collateral and brochures; always ensuring that the brand essence, brand promise and integrity of our firm’s brand was kept intact.

Furthermore, Ms Avis was responsible for event management, press launches, business events as well as marketing functions, where she managed the events in an extremely organized fashion and always represented and promoted the firm in a professional and efficient manner. She also dealt with our advertising agency; conceptualizing and managing campaigns; doing copy writing, editing and approving of suggested creative. She did media analysis, selection and placement of the media buy and managed the media spend. She did market research; formal and informal; interpreting data and channeling information appropriately. She was responsible for media relations and management; dissemination of information, press kit management, editing – written and photographic. She was also responsible for communications both internal and external.

Ms Avis also had her own clients, which she dealt with in a professional and courteous manner. Her communications skills, both written and verbal, are excellent and her attention to detail is exemplary. She is an excellent negotiator and her diplomacy skills are an asset to any company. She is hard working, committed to her job and is able to multi-task effectively.”

Mitch Berenson, Esq., President Law Offices of Mitch Berenson